Monday, 26 December 2011

Shining Shining Shining Ra

Seeking the light i have never seen..
I will chase it anywhere ,this shining ray..
never forget the feeling of trust,

I am even passing by the memories of own.
Forgetting the trachery though the way just to long,
This heart must go on, seek for the faith.. 

"that thistle look so pretty but no one knows the pain when it comes to touch"
Alone.. finding the truth about small life of mine..
I said , " me would not give up this tussle ! And i will seek the light i have never seen.
this shining ray of mine..
By the mightiness of creator invent such feeling of trust, faith even happiness and sadness.
by this soul without perfection ,i will seek the light i have never seen..

Done by : Anieeeezzz~